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Popular Garage Door FAQs

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Popular Garage Door FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions

Browse this section for answers to your most important garage door questions, presented in a clear and concise manner. Whether you're interested in learning more about wooden doors, maintaining your springs, or the best time to paint your door, we've got the answers. 

How do I compare garage door openers?

Decide on the most suitable type of opener for you and then compare actual models. Remember, chain drive openers are considered very durable while belt drive ones make the least amount of noise. Screw drive units have a lower risk of malfunction as they have fewer components and have a high opening speed but they're still not as quiet as the belt drive. When comparing different models, pay attention to the power, performance and maintenance requirements. We're also on hand to provide any specific information you're after!

Does my opener need lubrication maintenance?

Any opener system using a drive chain or a screw drive system requires annual lubrication. The chain or screw and the rail have to be cleaned first. You must use only products recommended or approved by the manufacturer of the device. The same applies to the lubricant as well. A thin layer of lubricant should be applied evenly along the length of the chain or screw. Run the opener to ensure that it gets properly distributed.

Why do I need a professional for my spring repair?

Any task that involves handling garage door springs requires the presence of an expert. There is a lot of energy and tension bound up in the springs and the smallest mistake in their repair or replacement could make them snap. When they do, this can be dangerous for anyone in the vicinity.

How do I clean my roll-up garage door?

Roll-up garage doors are simple and easy to clean. When you give it proper maintenance and cleaning, make sure that you avoid using harsh chemicals and use only water and a smooth cloth in wiping. The best way to go about the cleaning process is side-to-side; and, as you work your way, start from the top going to the bottom. This will ensure you cover all of it.

When will my garage door need re-painting?

The best thing about aluminum overhead doors is that they don't need to be painted and require little in the way of maintenance. For any other materials apart from glass doors, we recommend checking the panels periodically. When the old paint starts peeling off and you see the first signs of rust, it's a good idea to give the door a new layer of protection. Wood garage doors are less resistant to the elements and so will need special varnishes applied now and again to make them stronger.

Why is my garage door becoming harder to lift?

There could be a number of causes for this. It may be that the springs need to be balanced and the tension readjusted, or that they are becoming worn. If your opener is having difficulty lifting the door, it could be that it is underpowered in terms of horsepower. Heavier garage doors such as those constructed from steel or wood, or doors which are larger than average, will usually require a higher powered opener.  If this is a recent issue, it is definitely worth having your system checked before a larger problem develops.


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